Monday, August 4, 2014

Just do it without thinking, without excuses


Hey y'all :) This is Mami Sue☆

I had a film shooting.

They sent me a script, so I memorised my lines.

On the shooting day, 

when I got the spot to meet the director and the other actors in the morning,

we found that the script that I got was a wrong one x(

So I had to memorise my lines in 10minutes 

while we were heading to the shooting location.

and I did it xD

It was like a miracle cuz I had no sleep the night before.

In any situation, it's easy to make excuses not to be able to do things.

But if you just give it a try, if you believe you can do it,

and if you concentrate, you can do it :)

Sometimes, you better do it without thinking!

It was a beautiful day :)

One of the staffs walked with me with a parasol,

I felt like I was a super star lol

The other actors were the ones I did the play "TRANS" with.

It was great working with them again :)

Mami Sue
Song Writer/Choreographer

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