Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I live like I die every moment


Hey guys :)

I went to my hometown last month.

I took a super express train called shinkansen.

The first class car was very comfortable:)

Do what I want at the moment and feel great,

that's worth much more than just money.

Even one second of my lifetime is priceless!

I live like I die every moment.

I arrived at my hometown Kurashiki in the late afternoon,

I went to have dinner with my mom and her friend.

Sautéed clam and mushrooms were yummy :)

I don't eat meat.

It's not like I'm on a diet.

Not for my health.

I just don't like eating meat.

I can't eat animals that I can't kill by myself.

I'm not interested in food and I don't love eating

but I had a wonderful time 

because it was with my mom and her friend,

and the restaurant was nice :)

After the dinner, 

we went to have some coffee at a cafe called ANTICA.

The cafe was so pretty ♡

I loved the atmosphere inside the cafe:)

Well, I don't wanna write too long

so I'll stop here and I'll write some more tomorrow.

Everything is perfect

and all the great things are happening in the best timing ;)

Have a great day!

If you're free on September 20th, 

come to my barbecue party☆

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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