Monday, April 18, 2016

Mars Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde

Hey y'all :D

Mars retrograde has started yesterday in Sagittarius, the Mars will go back to Scorpio, retrograde will end on June 30th.

I love studying astrology, I love checking how the planets are moving :)

Mercury will also retrograde the end of this month, from April 29th to May 22nd in Taurus.

Mars : passion, energy, aggression, sexual energy, "move forward and go get it!" kind of energy....

Sagittarius : philosophy, religion, judge, justice, low, higher education, foreign country....

Scorpio : death and rebirth, subconscious, inner world, partner's income, inheritance, intimate relationship....

Mercury : communication, media, electric devices, transportation, travel, shipping, learning, negotiation, business...

Tarus : earnings, values, money, physical possession, security, self-esteem, talents...

When the planets retrograde, it's said that it's a great time to look back, re-do things, re-check something, rest, recharge your energy.

And also said, you might meet people from the past.

I've read that Mars also means "cutting off", so I think it's a great time to evaluate what you want and release/let go of what you don't really want.

It may look like things are not moving forward , but no need to be stressed out.

During retrograde, finish unfinished business, re-evaluate things and what you want, rest and re-charge, get ready, so that you have great power to start off when the planets start moving  forward.

No rush.

One by one. Step by step.

I took this picture when I went to Nagano a week ago.

I walked on the road that has the same kind of trees allllllll the way.

Even when it all looks the same all the way, 

and you can't see if you're getting closer to where you wanna go, 

you are actually moving forward :)

Step by step.

On your own path.

Btw, I wrote that I'll throw a party next month at a cafe,  I'll cook healthy vegetarian food for everyone.

There are only a few seats left, if you wanna come, 
please let me know ASAP.

The pic on the top is me in Nishi shinjuku before a meeting yesterday.

It was a beautiful day and I felt so good :)

I love Nishi Shinjuku area❤️

When I move next time, I already know I'll live in the area.

The meeting went well, we got great ideas, I felt so blessed :)

I'm feeling so grateful for everything and everybody❤️

Thank you❤️❤️❤️

Hope you have an amazing day/night with full of love and positive energy☆

Mami Sue

Monday, April 11, 2016

I'll cook healthy food for you! Party with awesome people!!!

I'm gonna throw a party on Sunday May 29th 2016★

My party is always filled with wonderful people!!!

I'm planning this party because I want everybody to have fun, meet great people, and share happy time.


this time, I'm gonna cook organic vegetarian food for everyone!!!

You can pick either

❤️Curry Dinner Set❤️

Vegetable curry
Rice(You can choose White rice or Brown rice)
Coffee or Tea(self-service)


❤️Chinese Dinner Set❤️

Spicy Sichuan Dish of Tofu
Fried Cabbage and Peppers Szechuan style
Rice(You can choose White rice or Brown rice)
Coffee or Tea(self-service)

If you want some desert

You can have French Toast with Fruits and Ice scream (additional ¥800)

It's said, the vibes of the person who cooks affect the food, and affect the people who eat it.

So I'll cook with a lot of LOVE❤️


We have live music♬

I'm gonna sing with hiroyo.

She is so amazing!!!

She played the piano and I sang at a party before, and people really loved it!!!

I'm so happy to perform with her again :)

Most of the seats are reserved already, so if you wanna come, please contact me here or Email me

Please let me know
2.Time (5:30PM or 7:30PM)
3.Curry Dinner or Chinese Dinner
4.White Rice or Brown Rice
5.if you want desert(+¥800)
6.Let me know if you have anything you can't eat

Date : Sunday May 29th 2016
Time : ①5:30PM to 7:30PM / ②7:30PM to 9:30PM-ish
Venue : Tai cafe in Shindaita
Price : ¥ 3,000 including Curry dinner set or Chinese dinner set and coffee/tea

You can additionally buy alcohol, soft drinks and snacks at the cafe.

I'm so excited and happy to have an awesome time with you xD

Thank you❤️

Much love and gratitude❤️❤️❤️

Mami Sue

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