Friday, August 8, 2014

I can appreciate bad things as much as I appreciate good things


Hey guys :)

I went to a thaeter to see a play.

It was about the historically famous artists.

I really enjoyed it :)

Would you make something for money? 

or would you make what you wanna make and have fun?

I think a lot of artists have that kind of dilemma.

I think you can make better stuff if you have passion to make it

but if it only pleases you, you can't make living by that.

Behind a beautiful art, there's struggles, sadness, pain... that's what makes a drama.

and it makes the story of the art more beautiful.

Negative emphasizes positive.

I can appreciate bad things as much as I appreciate good things.

Everything is the best the way it is.

It's 3AM here in tokyo,

I have a shooting today from very early in the morning.

I guess I gotta start getting ready now and

I gotta go without sleep.

but I'll be alright ;)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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