Saturday, June 28, 2014

Don't let others define you You define yourself


Hi :) It's Mami Sue☆

My close friend has been depressed.

I talked to her yesterday.

She's a beautiful person.

but seems like she let circumstances and what other people say 

affect her in a bad way.

You create your reality with your thoughts,

beliefs, and emotion.

Whatever you think you are is you

in your reality.

You define yourself. Not others.

You decide how you are, who you are.

If someone walk up to you and say

"I hate your orange hat" 

when you're not wearing an orange hat,

you must be like "What is he talking about?"

or you might not even think he's talking to you.

It hurts you only when you accept that

you're wearing an orange hat.

but If you know you

and you believe in yourself

it doesn't matter what people say.

That's what we're trying to say in this song↓

You're not what others think you are.

You're what you think you are.

It's your life.

It's your world.

Thanks for reading ;)

Have a great weekend!

Mami Sue
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Let go of fear and live with love


Hey guys!

It's Mami Sue :)

I had a great lunch with Dancer Miho and Dancer Reina

We are all dancers but we're all different.

The world is perfect cuz everybody is different.

Everybody has different passion,

different interest,

different talent.

We connect through something in common,

we respect the differences,

we all take a different part in something

to make things work.

What you love to do is

what you can do for the world.

Live with love♥

What's opposite of love?-----fear

Let go of the fear

and start living doing what you love!

Let's have fun at my→ next show  :)

Mami Sue
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

my joy is your joy, my happiness is your happiness :)


Hey It's Mami Sue :)

Isn't it awesome when my happiness is your happiness?

Isn't it great when your joy is my joy?

I do acting, singing, dancing

because I wanna give... I wanna deliver...

After people watched our play "TRANS"

I got so many great feedback from them :)

"I was drawn into the story

I laughed, I enjoyed, and I was touched."

" Defnitelly wanna come watch you acting again!"

"It was awesome!!!

I recommend my friends to go see it ;)"

"Mami was shining!"

"Mami's acting was so powerful and amazing!"

and so on...

A girl who is sick sent me a message

saying our acting gave her power

and she felt saved.

I read all these posts, comments and messages from people,

I was so happy that it almost made me cry.

I love acting!

Even I gotta get up really early in the morning,

even I gotta practice for long time everyday,

even till late night,

it's never be a stress for me.

I enjoy it so much!

That's how much I love it!!!

For me, acting is something

that I enjoy doing and people enjoy it at the same time.

It's something I can make

my self and others happy at the same time.

I think everybody has something that 

he can enjoy and people enjoy it too.

You can find what you can do to make yourself

and others happy at the same time :)

Life is great!

I love you♥

Mami Sue
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She said she was touched by our acting and definitely come to watch again :)


Hey y'all :) It's Mami Sue☆

I had a lunch with dancer/party organiser Reina♡

I hadn't seen her since she came to see the play "TRANS"

 She posted a wonderful comment on Facebook

after she watched our play :D

She said it was much more than she expected,

she was touched and cried many times.

She said she wasn't interested in plays before,

but after she watched it,

she got to know how great it is!!!

She told me that

her friend who came to see it with her

doesn't even understand Japanese

but he was so into it 

and he said he was moved by our acting.

She asked me to invite her again

if I have another play :)

What she told me made me

soooooooo damn HAPPY xD

omg I don't even know how to explain

how happy I am!!!

Thank you♡

I'll do my best for the next play ;)

Thanks for reading!

I love you all♥

Mami Sue
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Life is only one time! Have fun & Be happy :)

Life is only one time! Have fun & Be happy :)


Hey :)

Had a recording session with INFAMOUS 
in Chiba on the weekend♬

It's more fun to make music with people

than do it by myself alone.

Good chemistry 

Share the great vibes

Create something together.

It feels so good :)

He listened to the song we made

and he was like 

"Yeah this is so dope!!!"

It's said you only live once.

but even before that,

right now, this moment is only one time,

it'll never come back tomorrow.

It's like you die every moment.

I'd like to appreciate each moment of my life.

If I have only one chance to live this moment of my life,

I'd rather have fun.

I choose to be happy right now.

Thank you for visiting :)


Cool People Good Music Let's party at Neo Masquerade in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Cool People & Good Music
Let's party at Neo Masquerade in Shinjuku Tokyo Japan


Hey y'all :)

I'll perform at Neo Masquerade HipHop party called "SLAM"

 I've been booked to perform at this party many times,

People at this party are friendly and so cool to hang out with:)

My friends who came to support me last time said

they had  great time xD

DJs play good music♬

You can see live performances by

Pole dancers, Hip Hop Dancers, Hip Hop & Reggae artists ♪

I'll perform with CJ

 and my dance team BOOM SQUAD!

If you can come to share the great night with us,

I'd be so happy :)

Please contact me at to get ¥500 discount ;)

July 19th Sat.
8PM to 5AM

¥2,500 with 1 Drink

at Neo Masquerade in Shinjuku

Thank you♥

Have a beautiful day ;)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Human lives are mysterious in that human beings are not strong enough to live and die just for themselves" Yukio Mishima

Hey y'all :)

I got a role in a play again!!! xD

A guy who came to watch my last play "TRANS"

is gonna be the producer of the play

they're gonna do in December,

and he contacted me and asked me

if I can play the main role in it :D

The author of the stories is

Yukio Mishima.

To begin with,

I read the book they sent me.

I researched Mishima

to know about him,

how was his life,

what he thought,

what he believed,

what he wanted to tell people,

to deliver his message to people

by my acting.

I watched the movie of his life

My favourite part is where he describes

how he felt Oneness.

Here's what he said

"Human lives are mysterious in that human beings are not strong enough to live and die just for themselves."

What do you think?

The shows will be in December.

I can't wait us to start practicing in autumn :)

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Mami Sue

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