Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'd like you to come to my Barbecue Party :)

Hey guys:)

Since I was busy, I didn't do anything for my birthday this year,

and since I got a main role in a theater play again,

once we start practicing acting, 

I won't have time to hang out with you guys.

So I wanted to do something to have fun with my wonderful people.

I'm planning on a barbecue party on September 20th saturday.

Not just a barbecue party.

If you wanna eat, you can eat.

If you wanna drink, you can drink.

If you wanna perform, you can perform.

If you wanna play instruments, do it.

If you wanna dance, dance!

Meet great people.

I just want everybody to have fun.

We'll prepare Tex-Mex style barbecue.

I threw a christmas lunch party last year with the same kind of concept,

and everybody had great time there.

This time, I think the barbecue will add more fun to it :) 

We'll start around 5PM, will finish at 9PM or 10PM.

Ladies ¥3,500 Guys ¥4,000 including all the food.

It'll be at a cozy place with a balcony in Harajuku,

I can only have a limited amount of people.

So if you want to be there, please Email me asap ;)

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