Monday, December 5, 2016

Do What Makes You Happy, Be with the People You Love to Be Around


What's up everyone!?

This is Mami Sue :)

I traveled a lot this year, I had amazing experiences throughout 2016.

You can have so many excuse that you can't do things to have fun,

focusing on work too much, focusing on other people too much,

but I could actually take action to go and do something to have fun this year :)

I reconsidered what's really essential for my happiness...

of course, what to do is important

but also, who I do it with is so important for me.

Do what makes you happy.

Be with the people you're happy to be around.

I love sharing great time with my awesome people!

I feel so blessed and grateful❤️

I like money, fame and power but

"my happiness right now" is the most important thing!

Sometimes, I focused too much on "wrong success",

but I could redirect my way this year, and I'm happy about it :D

I wanna try more and more exciting things next year xD

I will keep learning how to balance inner and outer success, loving myself and others.

Hope you have a fulfilling and satisfying day☆

Much love❤️

Mami Sue        

Saturday, December 3, 2016

You deserve what you love❤️ Be Natural. Be Authentic!


Hey guys :D This is Mami Sue.

It's December! 2016 is almost over.

How was your 2016?

It was a great year for me.

I traveled to many places, I learned a lot,

and had amazing experiences :)

This year, I learned

how important to choose what I really love,

how essential to let go of what no longer serves me.

And how important to accept / forgive even the dark part of myself.

How important not to try too hard,

but just be happy and have fun.

I realized

how we can choose to stop holding ourself back,

how we can stop limiting ourselves.

You deserve the best of the best!!!

Be natural,

be authentic.

You can choose what you love,

because you deserve what you love.

Hope you have a blessed day/night with lots of smiles :)

Mami Sue        

Beautiful Thing that "the Loneliest Whale" gave me

Hi y'all :) This is Mami Sue.

We've successfully finished all the shows of "The 52 hertz Whale"

I just feel so lucky and thankful to have been able to work with such talented people.

I couldn't have made it without them.

Photo by Eiji Araki

I just wanna say BIG "THANK YOU" to those who came to see the shows and those who supported us.

I couldn't have made it without you.

Thank you! Thank you!!! Thank you❤️

I felt extremely happy that people who watched our show said it touched their hearts and souls!

What a beautiful thing it is to be able to exchange gratitude with the audience!

It felt so amazing that our hard work was appreciated.

It just feels so...wonderful!!!

And I feel so grateful!!!

I'm gonna keep grinding, I'm gonna keep growing, because this is what I love to do...Acting is my passion, that makes me feel so alive!!!

Photo by Eiji Ararki

Maybe, we all are "the loneliest Whale"

Photo by Eiji Araki

Sometimes it's hard to understand each other.

But we still try.

Photo by Eiji Ararki

Sometimes you can't even hear your own voice.

Photo by Eiji Ararki

But it's ok, even if you don't understand.

It's ok even if it hurts.

Photo by Eiji Araki

It's ok even if you can't forgive yourself.

It's all ok.

You can still live today.

Photo by Eiji Ararki

Sometimes you can find the most positive answer in the most negative situation.

Much love and light☆

Mami Sue        

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