Sunday, November 13, 2016

Accept the past. Love who you are now!

Hey guys :D This is Mami Sue☆

She doesn't feel like taking a pic LOL

I tried once more but...

Failed LOL


This is why I love her ❤️lol

She is always herself, just the way she is.

I think we should be so, too.

Without worrying what others would think.

We can start accepting who we truly are, just the way it is.

Accept your true self.

Love who you are.

Even the dark side of you, even the dark side of the past.

Then you'll see somebody who accepts you and loves you just the way you are.

The part of you you don't wanna see, the things that happened you don't wanna accept...

You can't escape from it.

All you need to do is face it, embrace it.

Then it will become a great tool to go farther and to rise higher.

In the play "the 52 Whale", Yoichi is struggling to accept his heavy past incident.

Can he accept it and move forward??

Please come see how he deals with it and how the story unfolds...

Play "52 hertz Whale"

《Theater》Theater HOPE

There're 2 versions (A) and (B)  *different endings

2016.11.23(wed.) 2PM(A) Sold Out / 7PM(B)

2016.11.24(thu.) 7:30PM(A)

2016.11.25(fri.) 7:30PM(B)

2016.11.26(sat.) 2PM(B) / 7:30PM(A)

2016.11.27(sun.) 12PM(A) Sold Out / 4PM(B) Sold Out

Adv. ¥3,500
Students ¥2,500
(A)(B) both Set ¥6,000

Get your tickets now←


Email me your name, Date/Time of the show you want to come see.

*It's performed in Japanese language.

Mami Sue        

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