Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Control yourself Control your universe


Hi :)

I'll show you more about my hometown.

I'm from Kurashiki.

It's like a Ninja town lol

We still have these traditional Japanese houses.

It was so beautiful.

These pictures can't even show 20% of the beauty I saw.

It's just like you can't feel as much vibes as you feel 

when you go enjoy live music 

in videos.

This is Kurashiki river.

When I was young, 

there were some Swans with baby swans.

I wonder if they're still there.

This is Ohara museum.

They have many famous paintings.

My hometown is so beautiful!

I'm proud of my town :)

Thanks for reading;)

I hope a lot of wonderful things happen to you.

Control your mind, feelings, words and action

that's the only way to control your own universe.

If you're free on September 20th, 

come to my barbecue party☆

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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