Thursday, November 27, 2014

We're like a family :) It was a great show!


Hey y'all :)

I had a great show with JH ST. BAND♬

Some came to tell me "It was great!" after the show,

others sent me a message saying "Thank you!"

I was really happy!!!

He also told me I did a great job :)

All the musicians in the band is fantastic!!!

 This is my favourite time after the show :)
☆Dinner time☆

Their food is so good!

They made some pizza and salad without meat cuz I'm a vegetarian.

The pizza was off the chain!!! lol

The more shows we do together

the stronger our connections get.

We're like a family now :)

I love everybody in the band!

Next Show Feb.15th Sun.

at the famous live music restaurant FRIDAY inYokohama

Isn't it so good to enjoy great food with great music?

You'll definitely have a great time ;)

From now, for about a month, I'm gonna focus on my acting!

If you're interested in seeing evil&sexy acting by me...

See you at Theater Zamuza!

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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