Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I was dead after the practice lol


Hey guys :)

1 month before Mishima's Noh play!

I can feel Yasuko Rokujo lives inside of me now

and me & her connection is getting stronger and stronger.

The other actress who was watching my practice sent me this message

She said my acting was really good and it moved her heart

I'm so happy! :D

Yasuko's living ghost is bad and evil.

but I don't wanna make her just an evil ghost.

I know she was hurt so much.

Can you imagine how much sorrow and despair she kept inside

until she goes to kill her ex and his wife unconsciously...? 

she doesn't even know she went to kill them.

Well, wearing Kimono makes me really tired


getting extremely angry and have a grudge against someone is exhausting!!!

I was like a dead body after the practice the other day lol

I forgot to take my picture...I was too tired lol

They posted a promotional video ;)

Check it out

Mishima's Modern Noh Play

These are the dates/times I'll be on

December 19th 7PM

December 20th 4PM

December 21st 1PM

at THEATRE SAMSA in Asagaya.

Adv. ¥3,500

Please read this post for more ←

It's gonna be in Japanese tho.

If you're interested, please Email me here

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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