Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The club was fully packed!!! DA-Dee-Mix concert


Hey guys :)

I performed with DA-Dee-Mix♬

The club was fully packed with people and great energy xD

We all had so much fun!!!

It was a great show :D

Everybody said

"Thank you! I'd definitely love to come see your show again!!!"

Shinobu the greatest sax player said

my performance was so cool :) yay xD

He was awesome!!!

All the members are so talented!!!

I'm really happy to perform with them♡

Our next show is at JZ Brat Tokyo in Shibuya

this friday Sep. 19th

There will be our special dance show too ;)

Adv. 2800yen  Door 3500yen

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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