Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'll try my best to give you back whatever I can!

Thank you for your love and support❤️

I feel so blessed and thankful:)

I love you even more

and I'll try my best to give you back whatever I can!

And thank you for the nice comments on my video :)

I remember those days nobody even knew about me.

I remember the days nobody came to see my shows.

But now, I got so many people supporting me and they say they wanna come see me perform again :)

I'm so glad I was born!!!

My goal is way up high but with YOU, I feel like I can get there :)

I keep grinding!

I had a studio rehearsal with DA-Dee-MiX today♪

They got amazing skills, great sence, and great vibes♬

I'm so excited to perform with them on Saturday the 18th :)

I hope you can make it ;)

Have a wonderful day/night!!!

I have shows on April 18th and May 15th with DA-Dee-MiX

Their show is always so much fun!!!

I can't explain it in words. You gotta come out to feel it ;)

April 18th Saturday 

Adv. ¥2,500

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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