Sunday, January 18, 2015

I've been on stage since 3, that's where I feel so alive!!!

We had a great show at a big party at Gajoen in Meguro.

Audience on the left side, Say Cheese!

Audience on the right side!

Audience in the center!

I danced with Simmy and Michael☆

She wrote that our performance was amazing↑

It says our performance really heated up the audience↓

The first time I got on a stage was when I was 3.

Since then, I've been on stages or in front of cameras for such a long time.

People only see the fun part of it, but sometimes I had to sacrifice some things, sometimes I cried, sometimes the path was rough.

But when I make the audience smile and happy, or excited and scream, I feel so good!!! 

I feel alive, and I can truly thank God for my life from bottom of my heart. 

I've never regretted all the choices I made in my life.

Makeup and hairstyle I did for the show

Outfit was BOOM SQUAD T shirt :)
Thank you Simmy for getting the T shirts!

Who's the weird guy behind me? LOL

The action performers group called Team Tadota was amazing!!!

They did other amazing performances like ninja show, but i forgot to take pics cuz i was so amazed by their performance.

Hope your day is filled with a lot of smiles and love♥

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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