Thursday, October 2, 2014

All that matters is your perspective to look at things positively and appreciate it


Hey y'all :)

I performed with Misoshiru Family as a backup dancer♬

I performed with them before, and they really liked our dancing,

and they asked us to dance again xD

Thank you♡

It was a great show!

Many people told us we were great after the show :)

Happy xD♬

It doesn't matter where you were born or where you live,

it doesn't matter how your face looks or what colour of skin you have,

all that matters is your perspective to look at every incident positively and appreciate everything/everybody.

another dancer Rie .

She's only 19 but she can dance and she's such a sweet person :)

I'l be dancing on this saturday the 4th at club Plug in Shibuya,

and on Oct. 11th saturday at my dance partner Simone's birthday bash

at memory Dart Bar Now Fun Times

¥2,500 including food and 1Drink ;)

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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