Saturday, June 18, 2016

Self-love. Law of life. Law of the universe.Love...Fear...Life...Death...

Hi this is Mami Sue ;)

We've been rehearsing "The Duck's Variations" - Directed by Andy Utech.

Everybody is so talented, I've been enjoying watching the other casts' scenes xD

The script written by David Mamet is basically some random conversations between two old guys, talking in a park, watching ducks.

There are many metaphorical expressions of their fear for death that's coming closer.

They wonder if it's cold "out there".

You can go to the park when you're home, but when you're in the park, you have to go home.

You're aive, that means you'll die one day.

Law of life.

Law of the universe.

We just have to accept it somehow... 

They say everything got a purpose.

They talk about Nature.

They talk about loneliness.

"...Nothing that lives can live alone. Flowers. You never find just one flower..."

This time, we'll do it with 5 casts.

Andy made 5 interesting characters.

The passive, naive, gullible one seeking for someone to respect.

The aggressive one that projects confidence but actually full of self-doubt.

The one who's hurt in the past, so chooses to be a bitch to protect herself.

The one who wants someone to complete her, someone to make her happy.

The one who wants attention and power.

Every character has some feelings of incompletion, fear, and are seeking for love, power, happiness.

I think, at the end of the day, it's all about learning to love yourself, respect yourself, let go of fears and choose to love, and choose to be happy.

I hope you enjoy watching how the 5 characters live their lives, struggling, trying to achieve what they're looking for.

And I'd be happy if you can get some insights to lead your life to a better direction :)

Next shows are...

Act in Eigo "The Duck's Variations" written by David Mamet

directed by Andy Utech

Please read more about this project here←

Friday July 1st at 7PM

Saturday July 2nd 1PM and 7PM

Sunday July 3rd 1PM

¥2,000 + one order

at Tai cafe

If you wanna come see the show, please reserve your seats ASAP←

Mami Sue

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