Friday, June 3, 2016

Put fears aside, focus on love and gratitude today.~Self-RealizationFellowship~ Lake Shrine


Hello this is Mami Sue :)

I went to Self-Realization fellowship Lake Shrine when I was in Los Angeles.

It was such a beautiful place!!!

Trees, Lake, birds, blues sky, sunshine...

Beautiful colorful flowers*

The sound of waterfalls was so healing and soothing :)

World Peace Memorial that contains Mahatma Gandhi's ash.

So beautiful, so relaxing :)

Find inner peace.

Inside of you is connected to outside of you.

Just breathe. Let it go. Let it be.

Put fears aside.

Focus on love and gratitude at this moment.

You're perfectly beautiful just the way you are.

Happiness always starts from inside of you.

I felt so good!!!

I felt my energy cleansed :)

I feel so grateful and thankful for being alive right now.

Thank you❤️

Do what you can be passionate, be playful ;D

Hope you have an amazing day with lots of love and happiness❤️

Next shows are...

"The Duck's Variations" written by David Mamet

directed by Andy Utech

Please read more about this project here←

Friday July 1st at 7PM

Saturday July 2nd 1PM and 7PM

Sunday July 3rd 1PM

¥2,000 + one order

at Tai cafe

If you wanna come see the show, please reserve your seats ASAP←

Mami Sue

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