Monday, July 13, 2015

Very nice Shisha cafe/Hookah bar in Hiroshima

When I was in Horishima a few weeks ago, makeup artist Chico, who I met when I lived in NY, was in Hiroshima as well, took me to a nice Hookah cafe.

I loved the atmosphere♥︎

We enjoyed Tropical Fruits flavored Shisha.

They served nice chai latte :)

The place is called Kagrass Cafe.

It's right by the river, very nice location!

I had a wonderful time in Hiroshima.

The movie shoot was fun and I also enjoyed my private time.

I feel so blessed :)

Hope you have a beautiful day/night with lots of fun and joy.

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Hope you have a happy day filled with tons of love and blessings❤️

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