Monday, March 9, 2015

Rare Live Stream Show♬ Don't miss this!!!


Hi :)

I'll be on niconico Official channel K-Station this coming Thursday the 12th from 8PM to 9PM(JPN time GMT+9)♬

Anyone can watch it for free as long as you have a niconico account.

You can watch it on your phone, tablets.

I'm very busy these days, I rarely be able to live stream, so don't miss this chance!

If you comment and join our conversation, I'd be so happy :)

By the way, I covered "Heart Rate #0822" and posted on YouTube, I got a comment like this↓

"I had to listen repeatedly because of its beauty and excellent sound"

I'm very glad to heart that!!!

I'm happy that people found it beautiful and shared it.

Thank you so much♥

Hope your day/night is filled with blessings♥

I got an urge to eat French Toast and I made it :)

--------------------------------------------------- Next Play "C'est la vie---That's life"

Thursday April 2nd at 7PM

Saturday April 4th at 6PM
Sunday April 5th at 12PM

Adv. ¥2,800

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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