Monday, December 5, 2016

Do What Makes You Happy, Be with the People You Love to Be Around


What's up everyone!?

This is Mami Sue :)

I traveled a lot this year, I had amazing experiences throughout 2016.

You can have so many excuse that you can't do things to have fun,

focusing on work too much, focusing on other people too much,

but I could actually take action to go and do something to have fun this year :)

I reconsidered what's really essential for my happiness...

of course, what to do is important

but also, who I do it with is so important for me.

Do what makes you happy.

Be with the people you're happy to be around.

I love sharing great time with my awesome people!

I feel so blessed and grateful❤️

I like money, fame and power but

"my happiness right now" is the most important thing!

Sometimes, I focused too much on "wrong success",

but I could redirect my way this year, and I'm happy about it :D

I wanna try more and more exciting things next year xD

I will keep learning how to balance inner and outer success, loving myself and others.

Hope you have a fulfilling and satisfying day☆

Much love❤️

Mami Sue        

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