Saturday, July 9, 2016

Each one of us has the Power to Make Things Better. Step by step, to the Next Stage

Hello this is Mami Sue :)

Today is Election Day!

I think it's important to go to vote.

Each one of us has the power to make the society better.

Each of us can do what we can do.

May my county be peaceful and be filled with love❤️

By the way, we finished all the shows of "The Ducks Variations"

All the shows were full house!!!

Thank you so much to the director Andy, all the talented casts, and all the people who came to see the play.

also, Thank you for celebrating my birthday☆

Thank you for all the birthday messages and comments ;)

It was a wonderful experience with wonderful people!

I learned so much.

I'm so glad I did it :)

I'm feeling so grateful❤️

After we've done all the shows, I went to Asahi, Chiba to refresh myself.

The nature and ocean cleansed my energy.

I feel recharged :)

Step by step, to the next stage,

walking on my path,

living my life, living now,

feeling gratitude and love❤️

Hope you have a blessed day/night☆

Mami Sue

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