Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NAP Hollywood Debut Project Audition

Hello this is Mami Sue :)

I participated in NAP Hollywood Debut Project Promotional Video Shooting☆

She's the producer of this project, she's a very talented lovely lady.
I love her and respect her both as a person and as an actress!!!

He's one of the greatest actors I've worked with.
Last year we were in a film together, and the film won Special Festival Mention at a film festival in India.
He's so talented!!! I'm so blessed to have had an opportunity to work with such a wonderful actor like him!

I've been to take so many acting workshops, but NAP's workshop is off the chain!!!

Honestly, there're no other workshops that I can learn and gain so much like when I take NAP's acting classes.

Erick Ferman's coaching is just incredible!!! I mean it!!!

Plus, now they are partnered with Ivana Chubbuck Studio certified acting coach Kaz Ittetsu Takahashi :D

I was actually personally reading Ivana's book last year, I feel so lucky that now life brought me here to meet Kaz through Erick and actually learn from him!

I love their great personality and great energy :)

Not only I learn and gain as an actress, but also I really enjoy great time with them.

They have Hollywood Debut Project Audition on July 23rd and the 24th.

I respect what they are doing, and I truly believe in them.

Not because I just know them, but I really think it's worth it, so I just wanted to share this with you guys.

You can go to NAP's website for more info

Mami Sue

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