Thursday, June 26, 2014

She said she was touched by our acting and definitely come to watch again :)


Hey y'all :) It's Mami Sue☆

I had a lunch with dancer/party organiser Reina♡

I hadn't seen her since she came to see the play "TRANS"

 She posted a wonderful comment on Facebook

after she watched our play :D

She said it was much more than she expected,

she was touched and cried many times.

She said she wasn't interested in plays before,

but after she watched it,

she got to know how great it is!!!

She told me that

her friend who came to see it with her

doesn't even understand Japanese

but he was so into it 

and he said he was moved by our acting.

She asked me to invite her again

if I have another play :)

What she told me made me

soooooooo damn HAPPY xD

omg I don't even know how to explain

how happy I am!!!

Thank you♡

I'll do my best for the next play ;)

Thanks for reading!

I love you all♥

Mami Sue
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