Monday, June 23, 2014

Life is only one time! Have fun & Be happy :)

Life is only one time! Have fun & Be happy :)


Hey :)

Had a recording session with INFAMOUS 
in Chiba on the weekend♬

It's more fun to make music with people

than do it by myself alone.

Good chemistry 

Share the great vibes

Create something together.

It feels so good :)

He listened to the song we made

and he was like 

"Yeah this is so dope!!!"

It's said you only live once.

but even before that,

right now, this moment is only one time,

it'll never come back tomorrow.

It's like you die every moment.

I'd like to appreciate each moment of my life.

If I have only one chance to live this moment of my life,

I'd rather have fun.

I choose to be happy right now.

Thank you for visiting :)


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