Thursday, June 26, 2014

my joy is your joy, my happiness is your happiness :)


Hey It's Mami Sue :)

Isn't it awesome when my happiness is your happiness?

Isn't it great when your joy is my joy?

I do acting, singing, dancing

because I wanna give... I wanna deliver...

After people watched our play "TRANS"

I got so many great feedback from them :)

"I was drawn into the story

I laughed, I enjoyed, and I was touched."

" Defnitelly wanna come watch you acting again!"

"It was awesome!!!

I recommend my friends to go see it ;)"

"Mami was shining!"

"Mami's acting was so powerful and amazing!"

and so on...

A girl who is sick sent me a message

saying our acting gave her power

and she felt saved.

I read all these posts, comments and messages from people,

I was so happy that it almost made me cry.

I love acting!

Even I gotta get up really early in the morning,

even I gotta practice for long time everyday,

even till late night,

it's never be a stress for me.

I enjoy it so much!

That's how much I love it!!!

For me, acting is something

that I enjoy doing and people enjoy it at the same time.

It's something I can make

my self and others happy at the same time.

I think everybody has something that 

he can enjoy and people enjoy it too.

You can find what you can do to make yourself

and others happy at the same time :)

Life is great!

I love you♥

Mami Sue
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