Wednesday, February 7, 2018

You're the main character of your own life story☆ Everything is happening for the best!


Hey y'all! This is Mami Sue

My mottoes lately are

・Do what I feel like doing at the moment, even if it looks meaningless

・Just do what I wanna do without worrying about what other people would think

So, I sang a song I love, with no make-up, with my messy hair xD

" I'm bullet proof, nothing to lose

You shoot me down but I won't fall

I'm Titanium "♫

We all can remember how powerful we are!

No matter what other people say or do, no matter what's going on outside, I'm my own best friend❤️

We tend to want only "good" things and only "good" feelings,

but without experiencing what you don't like, we can't fully know what we love.

It's a tool to find myself everyday, every moment.

I just love what I love and I just don't like what I don't like! 


Everything is happening for the best!!!

So, let's not try too hard to change outside, let the universe take care of it ☆

What you see outside is just like signs that leads you to the right path.

There's a way to enjoy a sunny day, there's another way to enjoy a rainy day.

On a snowy day I was like...↓ lol

Your existence itself is worthy whether you're doing something special or not, 

and your experiences are treasure whether it's happy or difficult.

You're the main character of your own life story :)

You don't need to compare yourself with others

Focus on your own shit ☆ 

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Mami Sue        

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