Saturday, February 3, 2018

Live true to your heart❤️What's happening around you is better than you think


Hey guys! This is Mami Sue :)

How did Lunar eclipse in Leo --- Super Blue Blood Moon effect you??

I pulled some cards from GODDESS GUIDANCE Oracle Cards☆

This ISOLT's card has been popping out so often recently.

I felt that this card was saying

"No matter what's happening outside, follow your heart❤️

It doesn't matter even if you do it "WELL", what's important is not the result, what's important is not how good you've done it.

What's important is that you have the LOVE❤️

What's important is your love itself.

Your love --- what your heart wants is there!!!

Live true to your heart❤️

In the picture of the card, she looks gray.

But, around her, flowers are so beautiful.

You only think you're gray, but actually, the situation is more beautiful than you think."

She's holding Earth, and looking at it.

Your Earth --- your world is in your hand.

You're looking at your own Earth --- you're seeing your own world.

You're on the right path!


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