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【Tarot and Oracle Card Reading】Mercury Retrograde / Full Moon in Libra / April 2017


What's up everybody?

This is Mami Sue.

My new hobby xD

Tarot and Oracle card reading☆

In my horoscope birth chart, Neptune conjunct my ascendant, and it's in my first house with Jupiter.

No wonder I do acting!

and I love stuff like spirituality, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and things physically unseen.

Today, I asked my tarot and oracle cards how we are affected by upcoming events 

--- Mercury Retrograde(Starting from 8:14am on April 10th 2017《4°in Taurus》to 1:32am on May 4th 2017《24°in Aries》


--- Full Moon in Libra 3:08pm on April 11th 2017《21°in Libra》

*date/times and degrees  if you're in Japan


Mercury Retrograde】

This is how they came out↓

The first card is 3 of Pentacles.

This is about team work.

You might work in a group of people, create something with other people, using your experiences and skills that you have.

The angel is saying that you don't have to worry about it at all.

The second card is 5 of Wands Reverse.

Maybe too much thinking, too many different ideas, too many opinions make you confuse.

So please breath, stay calm.

Like the card "NO NEED TO WORRY" said that you don't have to worry ;)

And maybe, when you work in a group of people, everybody has different opinion and Mercury Retrograde might make it difficult to communicate with others smoothly, but please be calm, don't be too aggressive or emotional.

Detox negative thoughts.

Try not to have chemical harmful stuff, eat healthy, choose organic foods, or enjoy some relaxing bath time might help you as well.

And the third cards are 10 of Pentacles Reverse and "YOU'RE READY".

You can get rid of the blocks that is holding back your creativity.

The stuff that is holding you back is your too much devotion to your family and friends, or could be the people you work with.

I know you love your parents, family, friends, people around you, but you can be "who you are" that your heart is telling you.

Now you can put yourself first.

Yes, "YOU'RE READY" to live like you!

The bottom cards are Strength and OPPORTUNITY☆

Corporate with others, work with others, but don't sacrifice yourself  too much for others.

Be patient, you have the power, you have confidence, and opportunity is right in front of you!

You can open the door for more possibilities :)


【Full Moon in Libra】

The first card “Queen of Cups” is saying "Look in your heart deeply"

What are you feeling?

Don't go somewhere your heart doesn't truly wanna go, don't go see someone your heart doesn't truly wanna see just because you don't have anything better to do.

"IF YOU BELIEVE" that you deserve what you truly want, you will receive it.

If you really believe that you deserve the best, you wouldn't go for something that you don't really want.

The next cards are 9 of Wands Reverse and "NOT THE RIGHT TIME".

Even if you're waiting, it's not the right time yet.

It's not saying "Never", it's just not the time yet, right now.

And then The Chariot in reverse.

Maybe you're struggling right now, you can't move forward, but it's necessary for your future success.

These struggles and hard time are actually BLESSINGS!

In the card, there's a white cat and a black cat, and the cat on the top os wearing close half black / half white.

 I feel like it means Yin-Yang balance.

Positivity and negativity are interconnected, interdependent.

Always same amount of positive side and negative side in one thing.

These struggles and pain can make your joy and happiness bigger when you finally win in the future.

If you're feeling down, if you're feeling hurt or tired, "ASK FOR HELP FROM OTHERS"

You have family and friends who support you by your side ;)

The bottom cards are "TRUST" and 2 of Cups in Reverse.

Open your heart and trust the universe.

Don't jump into things too quickly, take your time to look deep in your heart.

What do you really want?

How you wanna be?

And believe that you can be that :)

Even if things are not moving smoothly, even if you seem stuck

The universe is woking for you, preparing a gift to surprise you.


It's just my hobby and I'm only doing it for fun xD♬

I haven't studied card readings, I'm not a professional card reader, 

so, it may be different from how they read it

but I just wrote what I felt.

I hope this help some of you❤️

Have a blessed day!

Much love❤️❤️❤️


【Cards that I use】

*Angel Answer Oracle Cards*


*Tarot of White Cats*

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Mami Sue        

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