Wednesday, April 5, 2017

【Good for Skin】《Healthy Food》Sake Kasu(lees) Health, Beauty, Relaxation


What's up everyone!?

This is Mami Sue :)

I'm in love with Sake kasu these days❤️

Sake kasu is the lees left over when they make Sake.

Somebody told me it's good for skin, so I tried Sake kasu facial mask.


You can make it by yourself ;)

Just mix Sake kasu + water → make it creamy

DIY:Sake kasu(Sake Lees) facial mask

Also, I add Sake kasu to my bath☆

Not only good for skin and hair, it makes you relax :)

DIY Bath Recipe:Relaxing Bath with Sake kasu(Sake lees)♫

You can also drink it.

It's good for your health, too.

I make Amazake with Sake kasu and honey.

It's pretty easy to make.

Sake kasu + water → warm it up → add some honey

A bit fancy way to enjoy Amazake is...

#1:Stir fry some pieces of an apple with coconut oil

#2:Add some water and cinnamon, simmer for a while

#3:Put #2 in Amazake

Japanese healthy drink:Amazamke with apple + cinnamon

Here's another way to enjoy sake kasu↓

You can add Sake kasu to miso soup.

It makes the taste richer.

Healthy Life with Healthy Food:Miso soup + sake kasu(sake lees)

At first, I tried getting a small package of sake kasu at the supermarket in my neighbourhood.

Then I fell in love with it, I need it everyday!

So now I buy a bigger package online.

I'm addicted to it!!! LOL

If you're interested, you should definitely try it ;)

❤️Good for your health❤️

❤️Get smooth skin❤️

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