Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Receive when you stop wanting. Be giving and do things from heart

Movie that Mami Sue has played a role in "SADAKO's cranes"
Screening in Tokyo on Jan. 19th and Jan. 23rd 2016.

Long time ago, I was dreaming of taking all the seats in a row on the airplane, and lying down sleeping well while taking the flight.

And I even forgot that I dreamed of it, it really happened to me recently lol :D

Make a wish, dream and feel cheerful, then let God handle the rest.

You may receive when you even forget that you wished ;)

After I came back to Tokyo from Bangkok, I headed to Okayama.

Looked outta window on Nozomi Super Express Shinkansen, I saw the very clear Mt. Fuji !!!

I was lucky cuz they said it's unusual that we could see it so clearly.

In Okayama, I sang at a wedding party.

I felt unbelievably happy when I saw the groom and the friends of the bride were crying while I was singing.

Later they told me they didn't understand the words because I sang an English song and they don't understand English, but it still moved their heart and made them cry somehow.

Not only music, even also acting or dancing, what's important is how much you can give, how much you can deliver from your heart to the audience's heart.

It's way more important than doing it "well" or "right".

That's what I've been feeling these few years.

Thank you for visiting and reading :)

Hope you experience happiness and abundance today❤️

"SADAKO's Paper Cranes ~connect the world~

#パレスチナ でも #国立劇場 など3ヵ所で、映画「サダコの鶴~地球をつなぐ~」が上映されるそうです'll have...
Posted by Mami Sue on Sunday, October 11, 2015

The film is about a story of Sadako Sasaki, well known though a story of thousand paper cranes.

She was in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was dropped.

If you don't know about her, here's wikipedia Sadako Sasaki

This girl plays little Sadako, and I play grown Sadako.

In the movie, Sadako is brought back to life today, and meets a boy who is from Fukushima, where nuclear plants are, and was devastated by 311 earthquake.
They travel around the world and see how important it is to achieve world peace.

It shows what's really important in life and what we need to change.
I'm very happy to be a part of it because it has great messages.

I dedicated my heart to play the role in this movie, hoping for peaceful world.

Mami Sue

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