Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Comedy feature film "MIDORI HOUSE" CrowdFunding Campaign


Hey everyone! This is Mami Sue ☆

I just wanted to inform you about...

Comedy feature film "MIDORI HOUSE" 
CrowdFunding Campaign 

I play Sakura Amanohashi in the film.

While I was working on it,

I realized the importance of facing my true-self again.

It made me think about what I truly want, and what's truly important in life for me.

Everybody involved in the film has great vibes, and the shooting location was a nice homelike atmosphere.

I really enjoyed the shoot and I was very relaxed, so that made it easier for me to focus on my work.

This is a pic I took when I walked to the beach on my break.
Beautiful place, right?

If you can support us to make this film together, we'd really really appreciate it❤️

Thank you :)

Have an amazing day/night☆

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Mami Sue        

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