Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Going out dressed in Kimono is FUN☆【Japanese Kimono】*Fashion* Purple / White / Lily / Flowers


Going out dressed in Kimono is FUN☆
【Japanese Kimono】*Fashion* Purple / White / Lily / Flowers

Hey guys :D This is Mami Sue.

I love kimono and it's one of the things in Japanese culture that I'm proud of, but nowadays we don't often wear kimonos.

I was like "Why don't we wear kimonos more often!?"

then my friends wanted to wear kimono too,

so we went out wearing kimonos :)

We walked around Tokyo city in kimonos.

It felt awesome!!! xD

What I'm wearing is Kimono Oedo Nihon-Bashi's Kimono

It's so good just to do things to have fun, and feel bright.

It feels great to do things for nothing, just do it cuz I feel like doing it :)

Life is not about how other people think.

It's all about how you feel :D


Have fun☆


Have a happy day/night☆

Much love❤️ Much light **Many many blessings to you✴︎

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Mami Sue        

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