Saturday, October 8, 2016

Play "52 hertz whale" - about a man searching for the loneliest whale in the world


Hi everyone :) This is Mami Sue!

Do you know "52 hertz whale" ?

Regular whales vocalize at 10 to 39 hertz to communicate.

But there is one that vocalizes at 52 hertz.

In search of company, it's been constantly calling out for a mate desperately, but never getting an answer, never finding one --- the 52 whale is called "the loneliest whale in the world"

The play "52 hertz Whale" is about a man --- Yoichi Kujirai, who has been searching for the whale.

I'll play Shizuka Sakuma --- Yoichi's ex-wife.

You want somebody to hear your voice.You want somebody to understand you.....but nobody can get what you say.

Maybe, each of us is like the 52hertz whale, our ego is talking in different frequencies, hoping someone can get it ...but nobody can receive it.

I'd like to dedicate this play "52 hertz whales" to the people who are trying to face the hurtful past incidents, trying to accept it and let it go to move forward.

I'd be happy if it helps you embrace your painful past experiences, and start walking on a happier path, for the better future.

Play "52 hertz Whale"

《Theater》Theater HOPE

There're 2 versions (A) and (B)  *different endings

2016.11.23(wed.) 2PM(A) Sold Out / 7PM(B)

2016.11.24(thu.) 7:30PM(A)

2016.11.25(fri.) 7:30PM(B)

2016.11.26(sat.) 2PM(B) / 7:30PM(A)

2016.11.27(sun.) 12PM(A) Sold Out / 4PM(B) Sold Out

Adv. ¥3,500
Students ¥2,500
(A)(B) both Set ¥6,000

Get your tickets now←


Email me your name, Date/Time of the show you want to come see.

*It's performed in Japanese language.

Mami Sue        

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