Monday, April 11, 2016

I'll cook healthy food for you! Party with awesome people!!!

I'm gonna throw a party on Sunday May 29th 2016★

My party is always filled with wonderful people!!!

I'm planning this party because I want everybody to have fun, meet great people, and share happy time.


this time, I'm gonna cook organic vegetarian food for everyone!!!

You can pick either

❤️Curry Dinner Set❤️

Vegetable curry
Rice(You can choose White rice or Brown rice)
Coffee or Tea(self-service)


❤️Chinese Dinner Set❤️

Spicy Sichuan Dish of Tofu
Fried Cabbage and Peppers Szechuan style
Rice(You can choose White rice or Brown rice)
Coffee or Tea(self-service)

If you want some desert

You can have French Toast with Fruits and Ice scream (additional ¥800)

It's said, the vibes of the person who cooks affect the food, and affect the people who eat it.

So I'll cook with a lot of LOVE❤️


We have live music♬

I'm gonna sing with hiroyo.

She is so amazing!!!

She played the piano and I sang at a party before, and people really loved it!!!

I'm so happy to perform with her again :)

Most of the seats are reserved already, so if you wanna come, please contact me here or Email me

Please let me know
2.Time (5:30PM or 7:30PM)
3.Curry Dinner or Chinese Dinner
4.White Rice or Brown Rice
5.if you want desert(+¥800)
6.Let me know if you have anything you can't eat

Date : Sunday May 29th 2016
Time : ①5:30PM to 7:30PM / ②7:30PM to 9:30PM-ish
Venue : Tai cafe in Shindaita
Price : ¥ 3,000 including Curry dinner set or Chinese dinner set and coffee/tea

You can additionally buy alcohol, soft drinks and snacks at the cafe.

I'm so excited and happy to have an awesome time with you xD

Thank you❤️

Much love and gratitude❤️❤️❤️

Mami Sue

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