Sunday, August 16, 2015

had fun performing in Kobe for a week

We had shows in Kobe for a week.

It was great working with great dancers!

They're all beautiful inside and outside.

I was in a team with Yurie and Sakura.

I really enjoyed dancing with them :)

Everybody did a great job!

Me listening to θ wave sound with GeniLax App before the show.

When your brain has θ waves, you can relax and concentrate.

Beautiful twin pole dancers, Chiharu&Chikage❤️

Love the sisters!

I really enjoyed the week in Kobe.

Everybody was so kind there.

I'm grateful and thankful :)

The food they served every evening was good too.

They prepared vegetarian food for me everyday.

After we've done all the shows, we had a little Sushi party☆

I eat things that I could kill by myself, like clams and sea urchin.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hope you have a blessed day with tons of love❤️

Mami Sue

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