Sunday, July 13, 2014

What matters is state of being/feeling, not circumstances


Hi It's Mami Sue :)

I went to my friend's villa in Izu.

His house was gorgeous! 

$30,000 Chandelier

Real stained glass that's even in the art book.

tons of musical instruments


He's got so many Cannes awards

He said he never felt / thought

"I wanted the awards"

When you want something,

your state of being is

"wanting something".

So you'll create the reality that

makes you want something,

which means the reality 

that you don't have what you want.

What matters is NOT

money, fame or whatever you want.

What matters is

your feelings you feel

when you get money, fame or whatever you want.

Everything is coming from internal, not external.

You'll get it

if you feel as you already got it,

act as you already got it.

"Circumstances don't matter

Only the state of your being matters"

Mami Sue
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