Sunday, August 31, 2014

performed at Metis' Album Release Party


Hey y'all (^^)/

I performed at Metis' new album "Happy Carnival" Release Party♬

She's a Japanese singer signed to Universal Music Japan.

She got really powerful voice and her performance was awesome!!!

The club was filed with happy & positive vibes♪

I wore the colourful top, 

New York Miho Hair Extension's Half black Half blonde wig

SOLDIER ROSE Barbie earrings

Pimp Code Jewelry

and colourful makeup

Yellow & Green eye shadow

I got a message from Metis after the show

"Thank you so much for your lovely smile and dance"


By the way,  I was talking to one of the guys who performed together,

I said I'm a nature person, I prefer going to a park than partying at a club.

and I don't drink alcohol.

He was surprised.

My image to some people maybe completely different from what I really am.

I barely go to the clubs unless I perform.

I love riding a bike, going to a park,

I'd rather hang out daytime outside.

I'm not interested in eating at a fancy restaurant,

I don't eat meat,

I'd rather go hiking or ride a horse.

I wanna have a horse! lol

If anyone can offer me a horse or take me to ride a horse,

please contact me!!! LOL

Wishing you all the great things everyday!

Be happy :)

Love ya♥

If you're free on September 20th, 

come to my barbecue party☆

Mami Sue
/Song Writer/Choreographer/Model

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