Monday, June 23, 2014

Jamaican Festival "ONE LOVE" in Yoyogi Park

Hey y'all ;)


My dance team BOOM SQUAD performed at 

"ONE LOVE" Jamaican Festival in Yoyogi Park

as backup dancers for the great singer Monique yesterday☆

I really enjoyed performing :)

 and I was so happy when a lady came to talk to me and said

"You were so good!!! :)" after the show.

Half Jamaican half Japanese kids' dance performance were so cute :)

Jamaican dance company's performance was awesome!!!

It was great seeing my friends :)

I was surprised and happy when some people came up to me

" are you the one who was dancing? It was great :)"

and shoke my hand when I was walking out of the park to go home.

It was a wonderful day :D

You can see BOOM SQUAD performance HERE ←

Thank you for visiting :)

Love & Blessings to you ♥

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