Tuesday, January 3, 2012

visit to a shrine

I visited a shrine:)
I tried Omikuji and I got "Super Lucky"!!! xD


Up coming shows
*Jan.14th (late night) at club CRAWL in Shibuya

*Feb.14 New Boyz Japan Tours 2012 @Opera Lounge in Roppongi
New Boyz Japan Tours 2012. Album Tour `Too Cool To Care'
SFL Members : 4,000yen Selling till 31st December
Door : 6,000円
VIP/ Backsatge Pass : 4,000yen Only 20 Backstage Pass Available
11:30pm to 4:30am

*Feb.18th 7pm at Morph in roppongi

*12月30日、1月14日 深夜 Kstation Live at CRAWL(渋谷)

*2月14日New Boyz Japan Tours 2012 @Opera Lounge(六本木)深夜
New Boyz Japan Tours 2012. Album Tour `Too Cool To Care'
SFL会員 : 4,000円 (12月31日まで)
当日券 : 6,000円
VIP/ Backsatge Pass : 4,000円(限定20枚)
1 1:30pm から 4:30am

*2月18日 7pm at Morph(六本木)

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